Clinical Support Services

Quest will help you find, train and supervise operational leaders. Quest can identify department heads and staff who not only ensure regulatory compliance but transform outcomes. With Quest, systems are designed to improve quality while reducing cost and lead-time. Success will be measurable and objective as resources are organized around residents' needs. Your bottom line will improve and your staff will be invigorated by the impact they have on resident's lives.

A Variety of Support Services to Compliment Existing Organizational Structure

The CMS Five-Star Quality Rating System can be viewed as regulatory drudgery or it can be embraced as a pre-requisite for clinical excellence.  Quest’s practical approach to improved clinical outcomes will put you on a path that leads to regulatory compliance, a Five-Star rating and stronger, happier residents.

Clinical System Analysis
Policy and Procedure Developments
Education and Development
Clinical Documentation/Electronic Health Record Evaluation (Remote consultation available)
Facility-Level Regulatory Compliance/Support During Service
Plan of Correction Assistance
Individualized Support for Existing Compliance Areas
Case Management/MDS Consulting